Newspaper Offcuts 20x20 Inch

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Wholesale - Retail - - Low cost packing material, ideal for fragile products
- Used to wrap a variety of items or for filling voids inside boxes
- Use scrunched as a low cost void filler to fill gaps in your packing boxes
- Cheap and easy to store
- A green packaging choice - made from 100% recycled material

Newspaper Offcuts

Newspaper Offcuts White Packing Paper / Chip Shop Paper are a low cost packing material, ideal for fragile products. Used for safe packing of items, by chip shops or can be scrunched for void fillers. Size of the sheets are 500mm x 750mm (20x30). Made from unprinted newspaper offcuts so are a green packaging choice - made from 100 percent recycled material.

For full range of our Newspaper Offcuts please search 'Packitsafe Newspaper offcuts'

All quantities are sizes are approx (+/- 10 percent)

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