Metal Bench Table Top Tape 2 Inch

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- Save time and labor for you.
- Adjustable tape tension brake with low noise
- Easy to use
- Tape dispenser for packaging and parcel tape
- Ideal for easy sealing of boxes and cartons

Tape Guns

Heavy Duty Metal Bench Tabletop Desktop Tape Dispenser BD50. An excellent quality metal bench tape dispenser, model BD50 branded by pro-series. This dispenser can be used for 1 or 2 tape (takes up to 2 rolls of 1 tape, or 1 roll of 2 tape). This tape dispenser is extremely good quality and heavyweight, hence remains on the desk without moving. It also can be screwed into desks or benches, or to a wall, if desired. The dimensions of the dispenser are 23cmx8cmx13cm and the weight is 1.4kg. Also has a blade safeguard.

For full range of our Tape Guns please search 'Packitsafe tape guns'

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