Expanded Foam Sheet 2400x1200x50

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Retail - - Very strong, resilient and lightweight
- Polystyrene foam sheets can be used to cushion fragile items or surfaces.
- They have brilliant shock absorbing and insulation properties.
- They are accommodating to all shapes and sizes and are tear resistant.
- Great for use with packing / dispatching items in the warehouse

Expanded Foam Polystyrene

Sheets of Expanded Foam Polystyrene. These are used for a number of reasons including protecting items being dispatched or in removals. Also can be used in the construction industry for in between joists as insulation, below floor screed, below concrete slabs. They have brilliant shock absorbing and insulation properties. Size for you to choose from include 600mm x 400mm x 10mm, 600mm x 400mm x 25mm, 1200mm x 600mm x 25mm, 1200x600x50mm, 2400x1200x25mm, 2400x1200x50mm.

For full range of our Expanded Foam Polystyrene please search 'Packitsafe Foam sheets'

All quantities are sizes are approx (+/- 10%)

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