Caution Tape 48mm x 66M

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Retail - - It can be used as a warning sign for dangerous areas, road works, construction sites, as a decoration for architectural theme parties;
- White tape with clear red text displaying Caution.
- Single side white tape with Red writing.
- Ideal adhesive tape for sealing packing boxes, moving boxes, cartons, and other cardboard boxes and packaging use.
- 48x66m

Caution Tape

Standard Caution packing tape 48mm x 66M. Standard polyprop tape for light business use and manufactured to industrial lengths of 66 metres as well as retail lengths of 50 metres. If you're looking for stronger tapes please check our other lines. We also sell other lines of tape such as; Brown, Masking, Clear, Crossweave, Coloured, Contents Checked, Handle With Care, Fragile and Double Sided Tape.

For full range of our Tapes please search Packitsafe Tape

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