A5 Camouflage Notepads (140 pages)

Paper Type: Plain
Main Colours: Blue
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Retail - - Our premium Camouflage A5 300gm covers are sourced from sustainable sources and made with pulp from replanted forests. They are available in various colours.
- Our white wire spiral binding is of the highest quality and holds the notepad together to be both durable and flexible.
- Inside the notepad, there is premium white 80gsm FSC Certified paper. 140 pages A5 (70 double-sided)
- The A5 white backing card is sourced sustainably and is 600gsm. The card is thick but lightweight, and long-lasting and helps to keep the pad protected and flat, when packed into a bag.
- This notepad is ideal for students, professionals or children, that enjoy a pop of colour within their stationery and a compact notepad for note taking, and drawing.
Colourful wirebound notepad. Flexible, durable and long-lasting A5 notepad. Premium white 80gsm paper. There are 140 pages (70 sheets) per notepad with white wire side binding. 300gsm camouflage cover and 600gsm brown backing card. This notepad is sustainably sourced and made within the United Kingdom.

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