What to do if your package is damaged in transit

The Consumers Right Act makes the retailer responsible for any goods that are delivered in a damaged condition. If your parcel gets damaged, for example, being pushed down the letterbox you shouldn’t complain to the courier service but instead to the retailer. This is mainly down to your contract being with the retailer who you brought your goods from. Inside the Consumers Rights Act it states that the retailer is responsible for the package condition until they are in your possession so any damage to them is down to the retailer themselves. The retailer is only responsible until the package is delivered to you, which doesn’t include it being left in a safe place or with a neighbour.

 As soon as you see a problem with your order you should show evidence of the issue as soon as possible. This could include taking photos of what’s wrong with the package and include it inside an email to send to the retailer. If you don’t act quickly and leave some time before contacting the retailer with the problem, they could suggest the problem was caused by you and therefore you won’t be eligible for a refund. If the retailer does pin the damage down on you, they would have to prove the damage was down to you and would have to do it within 6 months of receiving the package. It doesn’t matter whether you ordered your package from online or an arranged delivery in person you shouldn’t take up your complaint to the courier service. You also shouldn’t be told that you need to claim the courier company’s insurance. Through the eyes of the law, if your goods are delivered damaged you are compensated for a refund, repair, or a replacement.

If, however you are unhappy with the courier service themselves, you can always bring this up to the retailer when you’re writing your complaint. It is much better for the retailer to deal with the courier service as they are the ones who send the courier out to deliver your package. If you use a courier service to deliver something for you, for example a package for a close friend, and it gets damaged you have every right to complain directly to the courier as you had a contract with them to ensure the package arrived undamaged. If there is time to complain to the retailer before the delivery driver leaves then ask them if they would want the damaged goods to be sent back straight away with the driver. By doing this, it will be a lot more convenient towards you, save the inconvenience of arranging a later date and the overall cost to the seller. If you discovered the package was damaged after the delivery driver had gone and you’ve contacted the retailer about the damage, you’ll have to arrange how the goods will be returned. The retailer will either ask you to post them back or will arrange a date for them to pick them up. If you are asked by the retailer to return the items, you will have to have confirmation the good will be insured against any other damage. If this doesn’t happen, you will have to confirm with the retailer that they will cover the cost of getting the liable cover from the delivery company to return your package. If the terms and conditions set out by the retailer suggest that the items are returned to the buyer’s expense, this doesn’t involve any items that broken or faulty and cannot be used for a fit purpose. If your items get delivered damaged, you shouldn’t have to pay for the return of the goods so the retailer should ask to pay for the delivery if they ask you to deliver the items back. The seller is obliged to pay for any returned goods that are faulty or damaged under the Consumer Rights Act. If you paid for a dedicated time and date for extra and they get retuned damaged or faulty, you can ask the retailer to refund you the extra amount paid for the dedicated delivery slot. If you have a change of heart and don’t want the items, you can reject them and get a full refund under the Consumer Rights Act. This is only viable if you decide to reject them 30 days after you previously brought the items. If you decide to do this, you can request for a full refund the combining cost of the standard delivery as well as the dedicated delivery. If you are asking the goods to be replaced or repaired, you can ask for your money back by choosing a dedicated delivery option over a standard delivery. You cannot ask for the cost to be reimbursed if you are asking for a refund or a repair.

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