What Is Kraft paper and why do we use it?

In a world where consumers are constantly looking for more eco-friendly solutions to packaging, Kraft paper is an excellent choice. People are becoming more aware of the impact of packaging and waste on the environment, causing a surge in sustainable packaging.

So, what exactly Is Kraft paper? Kraft paper, also known as simply Kraft, is a strong brown paper that was invented in 1979 and takes its name from the German word for strong. The paper is used commonly in food packaging and eCommerce due to how durable and sustainable it is. It’s made of a chemical pulp that is made during the Kraft process. The Kraft process is a process for converting wood into wood pulp, the main component of paper. This is where Kraft paper gets its brown colour from, as the paper is naturally coloured rather than bleached.

So why is it better to use Kraft paper over regular paper? Firstly, it’s much stronger than regular paper, as it has a high sulphur ratio and isn’t bleached. Bleaching paper decreases its strength due to the harsh chemicals used. It’s also good for the environment. Nearly all the chemicals used in the making process are reused, meaning the method of creating the paper is self-sustaining.

There are many benefits of using Kraft paper for packaging. As it doesn’t weigh very much, it’s great for using when shipping packages to keep costs down. Its strength, durability and flexibility also provide great protection for your items. Kraft paper also lets your consumers know that you’re environmentally conscious, potentially attracting more customers and retaining old ones. It’s also very commonly used as wrapping paper.

Here at Packitsafe, we sell 5 sizes of 88GSM pure Kraft paper rolls. Our rolls are machine glazed to give a glossy finish whilst increasing adhesion.

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