Using our notepad range in your school

One of the more popular products that we sell here at packitsafe is our notepad ranges. At present, we sell five different ranges, including camouflage, sparkle, and marble, with well over thirty cover variations that are all in either plain, lined, squared, dotted, or line/plain combo paper. 


That’s a lot of notepads and we are hoping to have many other designs and variants available in-store, on Amazon, and eBay very soon.


But we don’t only sell our notepads to individual customers. Now we have our wholesale store up and running, we are very keen to sell to bigger clients, such as schools. 


So why would our notepads be good for your school? 


Notepads are a commodity that any school needs. It is true that you can buy notebooks from school wholesalers, but they tend to come in a variety of muted colours that lack personality. 


Our ranges, however, are bold and vibrant. It wouldn’t be a case of ordering a load of simple coloured books. We would liaise with you in order to see which ones best fit you: have a blue and green school uniform? We have both blue and green camouflage variants, as well as different shades of blue and green in our sparkle and pearlised ranges, such as sapphire blue, jade, and forest green, to name a few. 


It doesn’t have to be colour coded to your school either. Our marble ranges add an element of style above our sparkle/pearlised, and our stationery range is a fun pop of colour that stands out. 


None of our ranges to your liking? Come talk with us. Along with our partners at Innovative Product Ventures, it may be possible to design bespoke notepads tailored specifically to your school. 


We guarantee good quality products at affordable prices. And if you’re not sure? Why not like our Facebook page? By doing this we will give you a notepad absolutely free. So, why not give us a call or email us to find what we can do for you?

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