Top 5 Uses of Kraft Paper

Here on the Packitsafe blog, we’re quite fond of our product highlights. However, in a general break from the norm, we again wondered what alternative uses there can be for certain products. So, in the spotlight is kraft paper, and the top five uses for it.

1: Padding

Even if you’ve never bought it, you’ll likely have collected kraft paper if you’ve bought anything online. Kraft paper is regularly used to help pad out the empty spaces in place of bubble wrap and is a more bio-degradable alternative too.


2: Wrapping Paper

There are definitely some of us out there that really don’t see the need for elaborate, patterned paper when wrapping presents, so why not use kraft paper? While it may not be aesthetically pleasing, you’ll find that many commercially available wrapping papers are coated in plastic and cannot be recycled, so if you’re wishing to be eco-friendly, kraft paper is a must.


3: Textbook Covers

Remember the days in school, likely secondary school, where you had to cover your textbooks? It was usually a way of showing off your personality or using up any left-over Christmas paper, but you could do a lot worse than kraft paper. By design it’s more durable that standard office paper, or even wrapping paper, and considering covering textbooks was always meant to be a form of protection over years of use, why not go kraft?


4: Paint Masking

Couple kraft paper with masking tape and you have a great mask for redecorating. If you’re paining window frames or skirting boards, stick some kraft paper down and ensure your windows or carpets aren’t splattered with paint.


5: As a Canvas

Finally, remember that kraft paper is just paper, so why not use it as the canvas for your masterpiece? You will see many avid painters coat their canvas in a light brown primer, so why not ditch the middleman and paint on that coloured paper to being with? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a primed stretched canvas when kraft paper will work just fine.

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