Sustainable ways to reuse your packaging.
We’ve spoken many times on this blog about the scourge of packaging waste, and while we do not apologise for the products we sell, that’s not to say we’re ignorant to the growing issue of single-use items and pollution.


But does a product that is effectively designed to be single-use have to be? How many times have a kept a plastic bottle for reuse, rather than throw it away? Well, here on the blog we aim to advise you on ways you can reuse your packaging where you can.


It would be good to note that just because an item is technically advertised as single-use, doesn’t mean that that is the case.  We’re not just talking water bottles, although those are an exception in that, for the most part, they can be readily recycled. We’re talking about other products that you may automatically think to discard when, actually, you don’t have to.


Take our favourite product here at Packitsafe: bubble wrap. While its shelf life is determined by how many of the bubbles have been popped, if you get some in a package, there’s no reason why you can’t set it aside for reuse. It’s not suddenly spoiled or ruined so why not?


You can do this with many items. How many of us have cardboard boxes in our lofts that have been used repeatedly over the years? How about wrapping paper that we’ve carefully removed to reuse? Or plastic bags? Next time you’re about to throw a packaging item away, think first. It may come in useful someday.

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