Single vs Double vs Triple Walled Cardboard



We’ve spoken before on the blog about corrugated cardboard and why it is great for both packing and padding. But with corrugated cardboard, it isn’t necessarily a one size fits all approach. 





You will have likely noticed the title of this blog referrers to walled cardboard rather than corrugated. The difference between the two is subtle but significant. Corrugated on its own is a piece of wavey cardboard that is stuck to a straight one. Walled carboard however is when straight cardboard is stuck to either side of the wavey one, effective sandwiching it together. 






While corrugated still remains relatively flexible, making it walled makes the cardboard not only more ridged but tougher too. You will notice that most boxes that are used for storage or shipping are, at a minimum, single-walled and it’s the general standard for this type of product. 






If you’re looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, however, there is double-walled cardboard too. This is ultimately doubling up on the single wall variant and results in a product that is literally doubly sturdy, doubly padded, and much more durable. You will often find this variant used for shipping bulk retail products. See the boxes in the fruit and veg section of your local supermarket? Those are typically double walled. 






And yes, as the title of this article suggests, there is also triple-walled cardboard. This is typically used for shipping items that are either heavier than usual or extremely delicate. 






So, when you come to pick the correct box, take into account what it’ll be used for, what items you plan to store or ship, and how durable you feel is necessary. 



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