Quarterly News

Covid-19 Update:

The pandemic seems like it will never end, however Packitsafe continues with business as usual. As stated in our last update, we continue to abide by covid safe regulations to ensure our workers and customers are safe. All we can advise is that you abide by the rules and keep safe.

On the flip side, this has given rise to an unprecedented level of online shopping, which has, fortunately, meant that Packitsafe has been able to run at pre-covid levels, if not higher, which is excellent news. We continue to support the online boost in packing and will continue to meet demands.


New Website:

In other news, we aim to have our new site ready to go by the end of February. It has been an ongoing process, however the end is now in sight. It will be easier to navigate and display all new offers and products as they come in. We also aim to include a wholesale division also, however this will go live at a later date. We will keep you updated on our progress with this and let you know once it’s live.



Our new site also includes a new blog page with the aim of keeping you informed of all things packaging. We have already included news articles like this one, which will be published quarterly, as well as informative pieces that concern manufacturing, product highlights, as well as opinion pieces on the likes of climate change and recycling. Why not see our latest blog post, which details the manufacturing of bubble wrap? Read it here (include link).

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