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Welcome to the Packitsafe Quarterly News Blog, where we aim to update you on all things regarding Packitsafe, from new product lines, to updates on Covid compliance, and anything else in-between.


New Warehouse:

In July, we were able to move to a new warehouse to accommodate the growing nature of the business. This has resulted in six times more space available to us as we continue to add new products to our ranges as well as sell what we currently have in larger numbers. The additional space has also resulted in an increase in staff, despite the ongoing pandemic.


Covid Compliance:

Speaking of the pandemic, as you are no doubt aware, the Birmingham area has been placed in tier two of the government’s new system for tackling Coronavirus. So, what does this mean for Packitsafe? We are currently continuing as usual, but with stringent safety measures in place. We are cleaning the warehouse and offices every two hours, while ensuring sanitiser is available to everyone that wants it. All workers are also either wearing masks or shields too. We take the safety of our staff and customers very seriously and have advised all of staff to let us know if they suspect they have any Covid symptoms immediately.


New Notepad Designs:

We are expanding our notepad range! While the current sparkle and pearlised ranges have proven popular, the new range will include entirely different designs. The new range will feature five distinct camouflage colours and patterns to suit your tastes – standard camouflage, black and grey, blue, purple, and pink. These will be available by the end of November. Do not worry, the sparkle and pearlised ranges will still be available.

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