Product Highlight: Void Fillers

How many times on the blog have we spoken about the importance of padding in some form or another? It’s not simply enough to place an item in a box and send it on its way. Sure, you can put a fragile sticker on it and hope for the best but why risk it? 


While we have mentioned the likes of bubble wrap many times on this blog, there is actually a very specific type of product that we sell that is specifically designed to help fill any empty space and add additional padding. We called these products void fillers. 


Their name is pretty self-explanatory in that they are designed purely to help fill up any left-over space once an item has been boxed. This is different to the likes of bubble wrap, which is meant to directly protect the product. 


At Packitsafe, we sell two different types of void fillers: Packing Peanuts and Newspaper Offcuts. 


The packing peanuts we sell are interesting. Historically they would be made from polystyrene, however, they are now readily available in a fully biodegradable variant that is fast becoming the go-to for this product. This is perfect for our continued move to find such environmentally friendly alternatives. They are also incredibly lightweight, so do not add any additional weight when it comes to postage. 


Our newspaper offcuts are just that: they are the excess pieces of paper that are discarded when newspapers are printed. Rather than go to waste, packaging companies have bought them as another form of fillers. They are just as lightweight as the packing peanuts and while they’re not purposefully built to quickly biodegrade, it is paper and can be easily recyclable. 


So, if you’re in the market for void fillers, feel free to give us a call. We sell both types at affordable prices and swear by the quality of our products so do not hesitate to contact us. We sell both in varying quantities and sizes and our staff will be able to help recommend what will best suit you. 

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