Product Highlight: Removal Box Kits

So, you’re moving house and in need of containers in order to pack and ship your possessions. Unfortunately, you find yourself without any to hand, so where do you go to? There’s the old-fashioned way, which involves heading to your local supermarket and asking if they can put any aside, or the other alternative is to ask friends and family to supply you with some.


However, the is a more elegant and cost-effective solution that is very much worth investigating, and that is to buy a removal box kit.


These kits effectively do what they say on the tin: supply a customer with enough boxes and packaging for moving house. In the context of Packitsafe, this includes the following:


  • 5 X-Large Cardboard Boxes 20x14x14' Double Wall
  • 5 Large Cardboard Boxes 18x12x10' Double Wall
  • 5 Medium 12x9x9' Single Wall Boxes
  • 5 Small 12x9x4' Single Wall Boxes
  • 10 Metres Of 500mm Bubble Wrap
  • 50 Sheets Acid Free Tissue Paper
  • 5 Refuse Sacks
  • 1 Roll of Brown Tape
  • 1 Black Marker Pen

This is not the only set of removal box kits we do though. We have five in total, with the smallest, as above, consisting of twenty boxes, and out largest consisting of sixty-five. These larger kits also include extra of our other products that are also included, such as up to one hundred sheets of acid free tissue paper and up to twenty metres of bubble wrap. All at affordable prices.


So, when you’re ready to move house, offices, etc, just remember that removal kits such as these are not only available, but also invaluable.

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