Product Highlight – Notepads

One of our more popular products sold through Packitsafe are our notepad ranges that we purchase through our partners at Innovative Product Ventures (IPV).


The reasoning for choosing IPV is two-fold: the initial ranges proved to be the types of products we were looking for, and their ethos with regards to their sustainability was admirable for a small business.

When we met with IPV to discuss selling their products, they had two main ranges: sparkle and pearlised, that came in a plethora of colours. These, in turn, were split into three different paper types: plain, lined and squared. We were impressed with work ethic, yet it was the quality of the products that struck us. Despite the size of the company, it was impressive to see that they sourced all their paper from sustainable forests in Europe and did not skimp on value.


In the months since, both Packitsafe and IPV have expanded, not just as companies, but in terms of the notepad ranges themselves. IPV now have seventeen different ranges and have gone from being able to supply us a few hundred a month to upwards of a few thousand. They have also added dotted paper to their line-up, as well as the cover ranges extending to everything from Animal Print and Neon to Coloured Marble, Camo, and Executive.


Each of the notepads are seventy pages and bound with wire. While the margins were originally perforated with fifteen holes, this has now been updated to sixteen to allow for more free movement of the pages. The backing is also sturdy, both in grey-board and white-board at 600 gsm.


With our partnership with IPV, we hope to continue to sell their notepads for the foreseeable future, including any new ranges they will release. If you wish to buy any from us, please visit us at


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