Prevent porch piracy with these simple tips

Put your hands up if you’ve had a package stolen from your doorstep? 


It’s a problem that is still persistent regardless of where you are in the world. For the most part here in the UK, our mail services are generally quite good at either leaving a parcel in a designated safe place, with a neighbour, or offering to redeliver at a different date, but if, for any reason, they need to leave it at your front door, it is done so at the recipient’s peril. 


So, what can be done to ensure a would-be thief doesn’t run off with your well-earned goods? 


The obvious thing to do would be to install some kind of security. The company Ring has become one of the most prevalent in recent years and connects directly to your phone. Utilising a small security camera, should anyone get within a certain distance of the device, it automatically begins to transmit to your phone. If there is someone suspicious lurking, you can use your phone to speak through the Ring device at your home. Quite cool, yes? 


If for whatever reason, you are unable to install a Ring device, there are many other affordable security cameras on the market at good prices. Battery-powered cameras are a good alternative and many of those brands still link to your phone or smart device. There are speakers too that are activated by movement and can be programmed to play any kind of sound to ward thieves away. 


What else is there that you can do should you not have camera equipment to hand? 


You can always have a smart lockbox installed. This ingenious invention is being pioneered by companies like BoxLock and allows customers to attach a padlock to a lockbox that has a built-in scanner. This scanner can be programmed to read the barcode of any package you buy and will unlock it once that barcode has been scanned. All the delivery driver has to do is place the item in the box and resecure the padlock. 


Whatever way you choose to protect your good, just remember that your options are much better now than they ever used to be. Do some research and find what’s best for you. 


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