Our First Notepad Range

Our First Notepad Range


The Pearlised Range is the first 10 A5 notepads we added to our ever-expanding product ranges. Working with Innovative Product Ventures, we have vastly grown our ranges, but we would like to highlight our first range and everything it has to offer.


Any of the notepads in the Pearlised Range can add an extra elegant shine to your stationery haul and a luxury that everybody will be jealous of.


As stated above, the range contains 10 colours including:

  • Boysenberry
  • Titanium
  • Persian Pink
  • Yale Blue
  • Forest Green


These were the first colours we introduced to our range of notepads, all available in 5 different paper types and come with a guarantee that they are sustainably sourced. We like to market these 5 notepads to those who like rich colours and have a keen eye for something more regal. They sell well and are great for all occasions – for the office, at home and for general note taking.



The next 5 notepads we introduced to the Pearlised Range are:

  • Amber
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Jade Green
  • Red
  • Copper


These colours are more vibrant and suitable for anyone who likes a pop of colour. They are suitable for any age, and any occasion. The Pearlised Range has a silver-pearl hue to each cover, giving it a certain elegance for those using the notebook.


All covers, 80 gsm paper and backing are all responsibly sourced from managed forests, and recyclable. The notebooks contain 140 pages (70 double-sided) and will not break on you as soon as you place it in a bag.


Why not try one of our Pearlised Range and see the difference it makes to your day-to-day needs! We know the notepad won’t disappoint and with the number of cover types and paper types, this notepad range has something for everybody.


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