Our Camouflage range

Our latest range of colourful and vibrant Camouflage notepads are suitable for all ages and genders and are also very good for everyday use. These come in the following colours:


  • Black Camouflage
  • Green Camouflage
  • Pink Camouflage
  • Purple Camouflage
  • Blue Camouflage



Any of our flurry of Camouflage notepads is certain to bring you joy, if you have ever served in the Armed Forces, like the Army or simply enjoy the Camouflage theme. These notepads are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s for office work, schoolwork, or simply just note taking at home.

Inside your notepad there are 140 pages that contains brilliant 80gsm paper where other companies will only use cheap refill paper and is all recyclable and is responsibly sourced from managed forests. All our notepads come in 5 different paper types and the paper we use is completely sustainably sourced.


Our Camouflage range are all available in the following five paper types. These include:

  • Plain
  • Lined
  • Squared
  • Dotted
  • Line / plain combo


They also come with backing that is premium card that will provide protection and security to the notepad. The notepad is thick as well as being lightweight making it ideal for students and children and will not break when placed inside a bag.


Please head over to our website to check out our excellent range of premium notepads here https://www.packitsafe.co.uk/collections/notepads

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