Letter boxes vs Bubble Envelopes

As it is becoming increasingly common to send parcels through the post, what packaging to use is more important than ever. In this post, we take a look at letter boxes vs bubble envelopes, and which is the best choice for you.


The first step to deciding is knowing what you are sending. Small and flat items that can fit through a letterbox are perfect for postal letter boxes, but if you have something more delicate and need more protection, then a bubble envelope could be your best option.


Postal letter boxes have become more popular over the last year for their convenience, not only for the customer but for the sender too. As life gets busier again, staying in to wait for a delivery isn’t always viable, which is why being able to receive goods through the letterbox is always appreciated. Made from strong, thick cardboard, they provide great protection (especially when paired with bubble wrap), giving you peace of mind when sending your items, but unlike bubble envelopes, they're not waterproof.


Postal boxes have the advantage of an enjoyable unboxing experience, something that is becoming extremely important and competitive in the eCommerce world. The way the boxes open allows you to present and personalise the way your items are displayed, a positive for both you and your customer. As well as this, they can be sent via Royal Mail Large Letter, saving you money on shipping costs. 


Bubble envelopes are lightweight and protective, providing the perfect packaging for small and delicate items. As the envelopes include a bubble wrap lining, they offer excellent impact resistance, insulation from temperature changes, and protection from water, dust and dirt. This also eliminates the need for any extra protection packaging, unlike the boxes.


Most small items fit inside a bubble envelope, but their most common use is for jewellery and other delicate items due to their protective nature and ability to resist corrosion. However, unlike postal boxes, they cannot provide a personalised unboxing experience, although they are tamper-proof as they feature a peel and seal strip. 


So, if your item isn't prone to damage and you want your customer to have a more personal unboxing experience, we would recommend a letter box, but bubble envelopes are your best choice if protection is your priority.

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