How has COVID-19 Affected the Packaging Industry?

It finally appears as though there is a light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a great majority of adults having had at least one vaccine, the government is confident that we should be able to re-open fully by the end of July.


But although things appear to be going back to normal, it’s now that we can look back and see how the pandemic has affected the packaging industry. Fortunately, it hasn’t been completely terrible. In fact, the industry has managed to survive, and in some instances thrive, through the pandemic, although there has been something of a shift with regards to what products are being sold.


For example, companies that specialise in removal packaging, like removal boxes, have taken a hit as people haven’t been moving house. This is also true of companies that supply packaging to retail, or the hospitality industry, as there has been a greatly reduced need for these types of products. Some have been able to continue, for example plastic and metal containers for take-away venues could barely keep up with demand, but demand definitely fell in other sectors.


One place it definitely thrived was through online shopping. With everyone staying at home, sales for your basic packaging essentials, like book boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, have skyrocketed. And while this has generally resulted in more household waste per person, many companies have used this as an opportunity so being using more sustainable and biodegradable materials, for example: Amazon ship all their products in recyclable boxes and even their tape is made out of paper.


So, the pandemic has not necessarily had the most detrimental effects on the industry. What is has done is cause a shift in how it operates, and what products are more sellable. It is roughly the same as any usual shifts in what products become more popular in the market. The big difference here is that the change happened very quickly.

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