How Best to Package Fragile Items

There’s no getting around the fact that when you run a packaging, wholesale, or retail business, you’re going to have to ship something delicate. And delicate can encompass a plethora of products, from food stuffs to ornaments, from vinyls to furniture. But transporting these items, while similar, isn’t necessarily a one size fits all affair, so how do you go about packing fragile produce for shipping or transport?


Of course, you will need to start with the basics. All items require padding. Of course, padding itself comes in many different types, from corrugated boxes to bubble wrap, but their use is fundamentally the same. For anyone that’s moved house, vast quantities of newspaper become invaluable, especially when packing mugs or plates. But with newspaper or bubble wrap, the aim is obviously to pad enough to ensure a general knock won't damage the item.


You could argue this is the general tenet for shipping. We’ve all had items arrive in the post in boxes that, while seemingly way too big, are filled to the brim with either bunched up paper or packaged air (think bubble wrap but bigger). Sometimes it’s far simpler. Ever bought a book online? Book wrap boxes are a great example of minimal but robust packaging. Books themselves can usually take a beating but no-one wants bent pages. As such, the top and bottom of the packaging has excess cardboard that will take any additional beatings in order to protect the item inside.

Padding isn’t everything though. Go back to moving house again for a minute and think about how your items are packed away for transport. It’s not just a big game of Jenga. Furniture is heavy and needs securing, so it’s imperative that strapping is used that is both sturdy but non-abrasive. Polyester is an excellent material for this. There is also a reason why blankets are used too, as stacking heavy items on top of one another can create dents and breaks, so layering soft material among transported items helps defend against this.


Fortunately, regardless of product, there are enough packaging items to accommodate any type of item for safe transport, so regardless of whether it’s, say, a set of glasses, or a grand piano, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be delivered unscathed.

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