Do's and Don'ts of Working in a Warehouse

It’s safe to say you have to be fairly sensible when working in a warehouse. Doesn’t matter if it’s filled to the brim with pillows, or barrels of hazardous material, there are fundamental basics that must be adhered to if you choose a job that requires warehouse work.

Do not fear, however, for we here at Packitsafe have provided an informative and light-hearted guide on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to working in a warehouse. Seriously though, never do the don’ts on this list, they can be dangerous.

Do – Store your goods appropriately:

This really is a no-brainer. On a basic level, you will need to keep your goods stacked safely, in some kind of order, and be able to get to them easily. Keep it orderly and ensure it meets general safety standards.

Don’t – Store your goods randomly:

See that free-standing tower of boxes stacked twenty foot high on its own that’s leaning perilously to the left? Yeah, that shouldn’t be a thing. Health and safety won’t be impressed.


Do – Get organised:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small delivery company or a massive sorting depot, you’ve got to get all your stock in order. Create a system that works and is easy, and enables your staff to find what they’re looking for without issue.

Don’t – Chuck any old thing on a shelf:

You may have gotten rid of the free-standing stack of boxes, but they’re shelved so randomly that no one has a hope in hell of finding them. This is not good for business so put it in the correct place. Find something out of place? Put it back where it should be.

Do – Report any issues to your superiors:

We don’t mean whistleblowing here. What we mean is to report any safety concerns immediately. There should be a logbook for anything of that kind, the same as an accident book, and if there isn’t one, implement it immediately.

Don’t – Leave it for someone else to deal with:

If you see a leaking water-pipe? At least put a wet floor sign down. Is that leak dangerously close to an electrical outlet? Don’t leave it for someone else to deal with. Always assume you’re the first to discover any safety issues, then at least you know it’s at least been reported, if not dealt with completely.

Do – Get a forklift licence:

This may not apply to your company, but for those with a big enough space, getting a forklift truck is essential. But please don’t let any old colleague drive it. Much like a car, it’s the law to have a licence to run one of those things so go get your designated driver if you need something moved, and a pallet truck won’t cut it.

Don’t – Assume a one off try on the forklift won’t hurt:

It will.

Do – Ask for help when you need it:

This literally goes for any job, be it office or warehouse, but communication is imperative if you’re to operate safely. Unsure where an item is? Ask. Need help getting that particularly heavy item from the top shelf? Definitely ask. It takes a few moments of your time and is a minor inconvenience at the most.

Don’t – Be blasé:

Just because you may be able to lift that box that should really be carried by two or three people, doesn’t mean you should. Don’t be stupid, go get help.

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