Customer Appreciation

As an ever-growing company, it’s easy to get side-tracked by what’s next. There are always new ideas on how to progress, new product variants we’d like to sell, or marketing campaigns to get up and running. It’s easy to continually focus entirely on what the future holds for Packitsafe without thinking of anything else. 


However, despite these distractions, we are not ignorant to the fact that, as with any successful company, success wouldn’t be a thing were it not for our customers. 


As such, this post goes out to you, our consumers. 


We started from humble beginnings but our want to supply packaging materials at competitive prices seems to have resonated with you. Enough, in fact, that we were able to change venues to a much bigger warehouse just before the pandemic. We could not have done that without you. 


And even during the pandemic, there was still a market to be found. This was a pleasant surprise as we had fully expected sales to dip but, somehow, the packaging industry continued. Again, this is thanks to you. 


So, what is it you’ve allowed us to accomplish? We have launched a new website with help from our tech partners at Lamway. We have also launched our wholesale site and are ready for that side of the market, which will help expand the company further. We also have a trade counter in the early stages of development that will allow customers to walk in-store for purchase.


As a thank you for making us the company we are today, we currently have a promotion active on Facebook. Simple like our Facebook page – - and we will gift to you a free notepad. It’s the least we can do. 


Thank you all again and watch this space for new products and promotions coming very soon. 

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