Best Products for Schools

In our second post in the Best Products For series, we will take a dive into what products we have that are great for schools.


You would never really think to go to a packaging company to get some of your school supplies, would you? And we’re not talking about parents obtaining materials for their children either, but schools, in general, are on the lookout for wholesale supplies. Sure, there are dedicated companies that deal exclusively with school products, but that’s not to say they’re the only place to go to.


Now, we do have to say that our range is not anywhere near as thorough as school wholesalers, but that’s not to say we’re unable to oblige certain needs.


On the blog, we have discussed and advertised our notepad range ad nauseum, but with good reason. We’re proud of these products and can see them being sold readily across the UK. They’re also perfect for schools as they come in plain, square, lined, and dotted paper, which is ideal for any subject. The designs are also excellent, ranging from plain colours to camouflage to marble and stationery. They can liven up a classroom or be tailored to your school colours.


But other than notepads what else can we offer? What about paper in general? We have kraft paper which is an incredibly versatile product. It can be used as a canvas for art projects, and we’ve even seen it used as a prop for a school play – it was used for a treasure map. We also have an abundance of tissue paper in a multitude of colours, both vibrant and muted, to suit all your needs.


So, why not take a look at what we have to offer? We may not be a school wholesaler but that’s not to say we can’t supply schools with excellent products. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us.

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