Best Products for Retail Stores

In our third post in the Best Products For series, we will take a dive into what products we have that are great for retail stores.


As a packaging company, you’re unlikely to see products similar to ours in places like ASDA or Tesco. But, then again, we do not target that kind of market, are we?


When you think of where you would normally see products such as ours, it would be safe to assume they’d be seen in shops similar to B&Q, The Range, or even places like W. H. Smiths. The latter is certainly true of our notepads: they would sit very comfortably on a shelf next to a Pukka pad or their own-brand versions. And what about envelopes and mailing bags? There’s an entire section for them in W. H. Smiths, as there is at Packitsafe. We sell standard paper envelopes, windowed envelopes, padded envelopes, cardboard envelopes, mailing bags in a multitude of colours, as well as book boxes, just to name a few.


But obviously, notepads and envelopes are not all we or our competitors sell.


Let’s look at The Range for a moment. You can buy practically anything there, from furniture to gardening equipment, to arts and crafts. At Packitsafe we have a plethora of products that would be right at home in The Range. We’ve spoken before about our kraft paper and colour tissue paper, but what about tape? We sell Sellotape, packing tape, masking tape, double-sided and multi-coloured tape, even duct tape. What about a tape gun? We sell three different types of these.


With comparisons to B&Q, we’re talking about the more heavy-duty items we sell. These can be found in the Industry section of our website. We sell strapping kits that come with the following items: a strapping trolley, a strapping sealer, a tensioner, as well as a reel of strapping. We also sell a combination cutter and tensioner. Also, what about padding? We have a section devoted entirely to protective products which include bubble wrap, foam sheets, packing peanuts, and corrugated cardboard to name a few. These are all things you can find at B&Q so why not come to us instead?


With future plans to introduce a trading desk at Packitsafe, we fully intend to expand our retail capacity as well as our wholesale. So, why not take a look at what we can offer? We guarantee a competitive process on all our products.

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