Best Products for Offices

In our final post in the Best Products For series, we look at what Packitsafe can supply to your offices.


It’s an obvious statement but offices are all different, and even in the same industry offices change from company to company. But if there is one constant it’s that office supplies rarely change and remain consistent throughout the white-collar world.


But what can we blue-collar workers offer our office-based counterparts? Well, quite a lot as a matter of fact.


Like schools and retail, which we have already covered in this series, our notepads are an invaluable product that is not only popular but can be bought in bulk. Much like schools, their design can be tailored to fit the logo or aesthetic of the office.


As mentioned in our retail article, we also sell an abundance of paper products that are perfect for the office environment. We have all manner of envelopes: standard and windowed for any letters or important paperwork that needs sending, as well as mail bags to weather-proof your documents for transit.


Two items we haven’t mentioned in this series, however, are our photo paper and our labels.


The labels are fairly self-explanatory. They come in packs of 100 to 1,000 and come with anywhere between one to sixty-four sticky labels. They are printer safe so can be readily used to print off bespoke labels to your needs.


Our photo paper is Packitsafe own branded, and we swear by the quality. At between 110 to 260gsm, it is robust and printer-friendly. Perfect for printing family photos or even gloss quality presentations. Each pack has between 25 to 100 sheets depending on the thickness of the paper.


So, why not take a look at what we have to offer? We may not be the first company that comes to mind for office products, but that’s not to say we can’t supply your company with excellent products. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us.

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