Best Products for Chip Shops

Here at Packitsafe, we obviously sell a whole lot of general products that can be utilised for multiple functions. However, we do also have many products that can be tailored to specific markets. In this four-part series, we will be highlighting various products aimed at individual businesses/industries as a way to show that, despite being a packaging company, we can cater to multiple different trades.


In our first post, we will be looking at the best products we can offer for the old British staple that is the chip shop.


Now, when you’re ordering fish and chips, what can you expect to see that could possibly be sold by a packaging company? Well, a number of things as it turns out. Do you see that pile of plain paper that your fish and chips are hurriedly wrapped in? Those are generally the same newspaper cut-offs that we’ve mentioned in our blog before. They are a cheap and affordable item for helping pack delicate items for shipping but are also terrific for wrapping fried food.


How about a bag to carry your food home? The takeaway bags that we specifically sell here, are white or brown paper, that is not only extremely durable at 70gsm but 100% biodegradable. We sell these in either small, medium, or large, in quantities of 250 each. Plenty for that Friday night takeaway rush.


You may have noticed too that your standard chip shop is not the only kind of takeaway restaurant that offers fish and chips. Many places, such as Chinese and Indian restaurants, now sell fish and chips in the English Dishes part of their menus. Typically, though these are not casually wrapped in newspaper cut-offs. Like the rest of their produce, they will be stored in either microwavable tubs or aluminium containers. How many of us have ordered salt and pepper chips to go with your Tikka Masala? We also sell these types of containers too.


So, if you’re in the market for chip shop or even takeaway goods, why not give us a call? We stand by the quality of our products and readily welcome new and potential clients. 

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