Alternative Uses for Cardboard Packaging

The good old cardboard box: so readily used yet so easily discarded. While you will often find people’s lofts filled with discoloured boxes overflowing with mementos and old photo albums, it seems a shame for such a versatile product to be left to gather dust for items now one cares about.

But fear not, dear readers, for we at Packitsafe are here to inspire you by presenting five alternative ways for you to reuse and recycle those unwanted cardboard boxes.

1. Alternative Storage:

Let’s begin with the most obvious use: alternative storage. We don’t mean the old photo album kind as mentioned earlier, but your own personal storage box that can be used for hobbies. Why not convert an old shoebox into a case to keep your sewing spools (see picture), or a place to store your arts and crafts supplies?

2. Scratch Post:
This one will invariably be a bit messy but it’s a cheaper alternative to buying one from Pets at Home. However, if you just take a bunch of cardboard, cut it into strips of equal width and simply stick it together in a spiral, you will eventually have a scratch pad for your feline friend.

3. Build a Fort:
Have kids? Why not ignite their creative side and use those boxes to build a fort? Be it in the living room or out in the garden – make sure the weather’s good – get out the Sellotape and PVA glue and build. Don’t think small either, this is a cosy space for your kids. Go all out, make separate rooms and connecting tunnels. Don’t have children? Build one anyway.

4. Build a Maze:
If a fort is too complicated, why not build a maze? It’s much more simplistic to build and just as fun to play with. No need for the finer details that a fort will bring, merely open each end of the box, tape them together, and you quickly have you’re very own, human sized hamster run.

5. Create Costumes:
Never underestimate the versatility of carboard. This goes far beyond what the humble box was built for, but you have at hand the perfect material to become anything from a medieval knight to literally building your own Iron Man suit (see picture). As they say, the only limit is your imagination.

Why not hit us up on social media and show us was creative ways you’ve utilised unwanted packaging?

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