Advertising on Social Media

There’s no getting around the fact that social media now plays a significant part in our day to day lives. For both better and worse it allows everyone around the world to communicate instantly and, for businesses, this can be invaluable. You see it all the time: think of a company, from the small to the corporations, and they will likely have a dedicated social media profile somewhere.

But, we hear you say, how can social media benefit your company? Below we have listed five things you can do that will at least garner word of mouth for your store, if not outright sales:



Always ensure you engage with your audience. It’s all well and good having followers, but unless you communicate with them, then they’re likely to unfollow you too. So, engage, message them directly and respond to messages they’ve sent you. Post general questions on a daily basis for them to answer. Even if it only shows them that your account isn’t run by a robot, it’s a good start.


Automatic Posts:

This, however, does require some form of robot. With it being possible to integrate programs into your accounts to allow for automated posting, why not take the chance to ensure posts are regularly made? This obviously negates the hassle of having to have an employee there twenty-four-seven trying to keep the feed fresh with new content. But remember, you still need to think of the posts before they can be automated. Take some time to figure out a plan for the year and ensure any posts that are automatic are the best they can be.


Targeted Posts:

This does require someone to hop on and make a post, but the beauty of social media is the ability to post whenever you want. Have a surprise announcement to make? Do it. Have a pending product release? Engage with your followers prior to release day. Something funny happen in the office? Let your followers know. This can also benefit at specific times of the year. If you’ve gone wild with your Christmas decorations this year, get a photo up on Twitter for everyone to see.


Paid Promotions:

The likes of Facebook and Instagram allow anyone the ability to pay for promotions so why not use that to your advantage? It’s a great way to ensure a large audience gets to see your posts and negates the needs for paying an outside advertising agency. You can pay as little or as much as you like, choose how long the post is advertised for, and tailor posts to be seen by specific people or markets. Want to branch out outside the UK? Why not advertise specifically in America? It requires some trial and error, but as the old adage goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money.


Dedicated Monitoring:

This is obviously easier for bigger companies, who will have the money to spend on a dedicated social media team, but it’s worth having someone check in once a day to see how things are going. Even if there’s no engagement or targeted posts to be written, take the time to look at the insights your posts are getting. What is proving popular, what isn’t working, what time are people engaging more, and is your paid advertising working? Using insights will prove invaluable in helping to get the most out of your social media profiles to take the time to analyse them.

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